Burn Zombie Burn! Released on PSN

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doublesix has announced today the release of Burn Zombie Burn! available exclusively on PlayStation Network.

Burn Zombie Burn! is one of SCEA’s exclusive downloadable games on their PlayStation Network, and will be given the all star promotional treatment to ensure it’s success. Players can take part in high score and trophy competitions to win a horror themed holiday abroad, framed Burn Zombie Burn! artwork signed by the development team and of course, limited edition t-shirts depicting the characters from the game.

Burn Zombie Burn! is set across six classic American-horror movie inspired levels. In true classic coin-op fashion players are presented with a top-down, arena-based third-person perspective that features all new gameplay mechanics.

The goal is simple: to get the highest score possible. Your hero is Bruce - an average every-day Joe who was looking forward to spending some ’quality time’ with his girlfriend Daisy when their Saturday night is interrupted by a zombie invasion. Standing in your way is a never ending horde of undead. To survive you must shoot, burn and blow up as many zombies as possible before they overwhelm you. Fire is your most important tool and massive scores can be achieved by burning the zombies en masse and setting up huge chains of explosions that wipe them out in one go.

doublesix promises to provide additional PlayStation Network downloadable content for Burn Zombie Burn! including a strategy guide packed with helpful hints and survival tips from the creators of the game and an 8 page "BZB" graphic comic and the unique catalogue of music tracks composed specifically for the game.

For more on Burn Zombie Burn! please visit http://www.burnzombieburn.com.

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