Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Trailer Released

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Today the trailer of Sleeping Dogs was released and now fans of the title can have a more precise idea of what the game will be. This time Wei Shen comes to PlayStation 4 consoles.

Again, you drive through the city and investigate Hong Kong's criminals. You go under cover to stop them. The action is intense and the adrenaline is high all the time. At one moment you will be driving a fast car or you will be riding a motorbike, and in the other you will be fighting in a melee combat.

In the game you can use different skills depending on the player's choice. You can make your character a common citizen of Hong Kong, policeman or something else.

If you want to try the Definitive Edition, you will be provided with all the original missions packs. Indeed, the upcoming title is worth trying. Still, some players might have hoped for some more new features in the new release.

The open world action-adventure game will come in 1080p visuals and with 24 DLC packs.

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