Sunset Overdrive Availabe For Preorder Via Xbox Live

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Sunset Overdrive – one of the most anticipated titles for Xbox One, is now available for pre-order via Xbox Live. The new season pass comes with new exclusive content and weapons. Also, players will enjoy a new gameplay set in the future fiction Sunset City in 2027 with a lot of adventure and destruction.

As we know, the game, which is published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Insomniac Games, is expected to be released in America on October 28 and four days later, on October 31, in Europe.

Players will have to fight the OD'd humans, who have mutated after consuming the Overcharge Delirium XT energy drink. To stop the mutated humans, the player's character – an employee of the FizzCo company, runs through the city streets and has to survive using his agile skills and weapons. By leveling up in the game, players unlock new weapons or can purchase them from shops. Moreover, weapons can be upgraded to improve and make the character more powerful.

Sunset Overdrive game

In case that you want to have the “Sunset Overdrive” Season Pass, you will be provided with complete Game Add-ons:
The Weapons Pack, which adds four new weapons available for the character through the gameplay.

Campaign Game Add-on with additional locations. It comes with new location and challenges.

Also, players will have bonuses such as two Traps and two Amps. What is more, players who have purchased the Season Pass will be provided with six outfits for their character from which they can choose.

The new Amps, which you use to customize the character, include the ability to upgrade weapons faster and the ability to blow smoke around your enemies. As for the Traps, they are known as Death by Decibel, said to be a speaker system, and Kaboom – a clown head which makes balloons.
The Season Pass is available for $19.99. There is no doubt that the long-expected game, which comes in vivid colors, catches the eye of the player. For sure, it is worth playing Sunset Overdrive.

Apart from the release of the title on October 28, on the same day Microsoft will also launch its white Xbox One console. It will be available together with a a digital copy of the game for $399.

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