The Evil Within Can Make Your Heart Stop

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The Evil Within is without any doubt a real horror game and it can scare you to death. The game is expected to be released today in the US and on October 18 in Europe and UK. The action-adventure game is developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. The title is available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. In case that you love feeling your heart beating fast, this is exactly the game which will raise your adrenaline.

In this horror game, detective Sebastian Castellanos has to survive the inhuman evil in the face of his "demented, vicious, and deadly" enemies the Haunted. These mutated killers will haunt and torment him and will not let him escape their deadly traps.

the evil within

Castellanos gets into lethal situations and it is a life-and-death struggle to find a way out of them. To do that, he relies on his quick reactions and has to choose between his weapons and use them in the right way to survive. The detective has only a moment to think in order to save his life. To help the character survive in this endless battle, you can smash the enemies, shoot them or freeze them. Escape the deadly traps hidden in the treacherous surroundings using the supplies the detective carries with him, which include knives, a box of matches, and shotguns.

Know that these inhuman enemies will have no mercy on you, as the only thing they want is to kill you and they will do anything they can to take your life. The enemies will waylay round every corner to catch their prey with a hammer or some other deadly weapon and you have to keep your eyes open for the deadly threat.

For sure, this game gets us on thinking about the all-time classic Resident Evil 4, but it is a better version of the already-known horror series. The scary and even horrible sounds of decomposing flesh and trickling blood will haunt you everywhere. At any moment you may witness a bloody murder.

The Evil Within is exactly the game full with tension anticipated by the fans of Silent Hill.

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