HBO Go Soon Expected On Xbox One

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HBO Go is expected to come to Xbox One platforms soon. This is great news as it will make it possible for TV fans to watch some of the hottest titles on their consoles. Rumors say that the well-known app is currently tested on Xbox One. To confirm these rumors, some pictures of the beta version of the app were found on the net. The pictures were posted on Rebbit and included screenshots of the app running on the console. However, these pics are no longer available and they cannot be seen now.

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In case that this information finally turns out to be true, fans of the app can be very happy, as they will be able to stream their favorite TV shows and movies straight to their Xbox One devices. Still, a release date of the app is not known, but it is expected to come in 2015, if the information is true. Moreover, we have no clue about the price of the app. At the moment, TV users can have the HBO channel added to their cable package for around $15. If you have a subscription for HBO Go, you can watch some of the latest TV shows like ‘Game of Thrones’, without paying for additional TV channels. Moreover, you can watch the app on your mobile device or console. Not only that, but you can even watch the newest titles which are only available in Blu-ray. This makes the app a really useful one and turns it into the favorite app to the fans of the channel.

Earlier this year, HBO Go was announced to be soon coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. However, the latest information shows that the app is tested on Xbox One. HBO announced that there are plans for HBO Go to be released next year in the US as a stand-alone service.

For now, HBO Go is available for those who are subscribers to Xbox Live Gold. The app is also compatible with Xbox 360 consoles. We will be waiting impatiently to see when the Xbox One app will be officially launched and test it on own own consoles.

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