You Should Remove Pricechop Adware From Your Computer, It is Not Safe

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Warning! Pricechop is a dangerous computer infection!
Your private data is in high risk if you are infected with Pricechop!
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Pricechop hijacker has been detected on more than 40 000 PCs in the US. This add-on turns out to install itself without being wanted and then aggressively take control over the browsing sessions on the PC. Although the program has never been a threat to the security of the users' computers and information, during the last few days security specialists have recorded a serious rise in the number of browsers on which the browser extension is installed. Moreover, researchers have received numerous calls from annoyed and worried users who have found this potentially unwanted program on their computers without knowing how it was transferred to their PCs. The techniques used by the software to be downloaded to computers and installed make experts call the application a hijacker. Moreover, recent research on the behavior of Pricechop show that it poses a serious risk to the security of its users and this is why specialists do not recommend the use of the add-on.

Until now, the browser extension has not attracted the attention of security specialists, as it was rarely reported to have been found on users' browsers. This is why it has never posed a serious risk to the users' security until now. During the last few days, the browser extension is reported to have been installed on a really large number of PCs. More than 40 000 of them are known to be located in the US. This time, the attention of computer experts is attracted by this unexpected wave of installations and they are working on finding more about the ways in which Pricechop hijacker is transferred, as well as they are studying its behavior after that.

Pricechop is an adware and this explains why it tries to be installed on as many PCs as possible. Users who find this extension attached to their browsers often explain that they do not remember having downloaded the program themselves. This is because to be downloaded without being noticed, the add-on is often attached to other installation files. For example, when a user wants to download a software from an unknown or unreliable third-party site, the browser extension Pricechop can also sneak into the user's PC silently and without alarming the user about its intentions. Although the add-on shows itself as an optional installation file while the other program is installed, users do not expect that another program will also try to install itself and often do not notice at all that an additional app is installed.

pricechop adware

The next thing Pricechop does is to gain control over the user's browsers. The adware changes the user's home page and also makes itself responsible for all the web searches of the users. As an adware, the program floods the browser with pop-up ads and messages that belong to sponsored sites. Moreover, the search results generated by the adware include sponsored links to unreliable pages and suspicious third-party sites. The user is lured into clicking on sponsored links with an unknown reputation and thus Pricechop makes it possible for the user to land on compromised sites and malicious pages controlled by hackers.

Security specialists warn that one of the most common ways in which computer viruses are transferred to PCs is from infected pages or sites created by cyber criminals. In this way, malware, rogueware, spyware, Trojan horses and other harmful viruses can be infiltrated into a user's PC without asking for the user's permission. The infections are downloaded silently and some of them may even sneak into a user's computer and run at the background without announcing their presence. From there, they can monitor the user's actions and trace any browsing sessions on the PC, as well as gather personal and financial details about the user such as bank account numbers, credit card details, name, and other sensitive information. All of the collected information is then sent to hackers and used to steal the user's money and identity. Moreover, some of the infiltrated viruses may cause serious computer problems and lead to system crashes and fatal loss of information.

As there are really tricky and harmful computer infections spread online, security specialists warn that no programs that make a user's PC vulnerable to their attacks should be used. This is why the growing number of computers on which Pricechop is installed is really concerning and experts advise users to do anything they can to avoid installing the adware, or to remove it in case that it has been already installed.

To stop Pricechop hijacker from attaching itself to more browsers, security researchers stress on using a reliable AV program to prevent the installation of viruses on your computer. Moreover, no unreliable or unknown programs should be used. Potentially unwanted programs like Pricechop should be always avoided and only the latest versions of tools should be installed.

Security experts hope that with the help of the computer users they will manage to stop the installation of the Pricechop hijacker. Otherwise, although Pricechop is not a virus itself, the installation of this adware may result in money and identity theft from the users of the hijacked browser.

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