ESL E-Sports Comes To Xbox One

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E-Sports’ growth on consoles now targets Xbox One platforms. This became clear with the launch of the ESL Gaming app yesterday.

When Electronic Sports League saw that users love to follow matches on their PCs, their next step turned out to be focused on launching the ESL app on Xbox One platforms and thus making it even more popular.

On the Major Nelson blog, the new app available for Xbox One consoles was described:

"ESL is the largest independent eSports brand in the world, running online competitions globally and filling sports stadiums for live events. Today, we’re bringing it to Xbox One. eSports on consoles has never been easier; with ESL on Xbox One you can directly find tournaments within the app, sign up without a second screen and open a match via the “My Matches” section. Within your match sheet you can see your opponent’s gamer picture and gamertag, contact them directly to exchange details on how to find each other in-game and enter the results directly within the app. You can even find news about featured Xbox tournaments and games."

ESL Xbox One

With the ESL app you can take part in ESL Open tournaments and become one of the best players. Also, the app allows its users to follow the latest results from ESL matches, eSports news, track their individual progress and contact with other teammates.

The ESL app is available not only to players from North America and Europe. The idea is to provide its users access to the app without the need of additional devices.

Andreas Hofmann, lead Xbox One developer at ESL, commented on the app and shared his experience with it: "All of us here at ESL are gamers ourselves, which definitely helped when designing the application. We asked ourselves what we would want to see and what we would want prioritized, and we’re confident that we’ve done our fellow gamers proud.”

Now, you can download the ESL app from the Xbox One Store.

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