Primal Carnage: Extinction Expected On PS4 In 2015

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Primal Carnage: Extinction is on its way to PlayStation 4 consoles next year. Yesterday on the PlayStation Blog it was explained that the Primal Carnage: Genesis is on hold.

“Plans for the brand changed considerably after Lukewarm Media quietly transitioned ongoing management and development of Primal Carnage to Circle 5 Studios, a distributed network of developers and artists that had grown out of the modding community. Circle 5 felt that they were not in a position to pursue the extremely ambitious Primal Carnage: Genesis, but the company saw the opportunity to start over with the brand and to launch a multiplayer sequel to the first Primal Carnage on the PS4 platform with our friends and co-developers: Pub Games, a Melbourne-based team that had previously assisted development of the original Primal Carnage,” said Circle 5's Aaron Pollack on the PlayStation Blog.

Primal Carnage Extinction

In case that you are a fan of the first game or you just enjoy experiencing real adventures from a world in which dinosaurs and people collide. The multiplayer shooter game, which is created by Circle 5 Studios and Pub Games, offers its players spectacular combats with prehistoric creatures. The players can choose on which side to fight – this of the humans or this of the dinosaurs. Moreover, there is a variety of weapons available in the game and the characters can be customized, as well as the players can explore new areas.

Indeed, this upcoming title will attract the attention of many PS4 players. Now, it can be pre-ordered on Steam. For Steam players, in the beginning of November the new “Volcano” Spinosaurus skin for free. A few days later, the Beta version of the game will be released.

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