Call of Duty Running With Different Resolution On Xbox One And PS4

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Eurogamer's Digital Foundry made a performance test the results of which showed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare runs smoother on Xbox One than PS4 consoles.

In the report it is said that "The PS4 version's constant 1080p output comes at a price".

In an interview Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey said that Call of Duty is planned to be 1080p on PS4 and maybe less on Xbox One: “Minimum Xbox One resolution is 1360×1080, and dynamically scales from there to full 1080p. That’s over 50% increase from last year".

Call of Duty

However, this is what the analysis report says: "We catch dips between the 50-60fps lines during battles through Seoul's streets – with drops to the high 40s caught when throwing the 'threat' grenades to scan the area for enemies. Even in perfectly matched scenes, the Xbox One's performance tends to hold at a perfect 60fps by comparison." According to the report, on both platforms the game runs at solid 60fps.

Sledgehammer co-founder Games Glen Schofield explained that getting the game to new-gen consoles was not an easy task: "Just getting the game onto next gen platforms was tough. All new engine and tech, learning our way around that was time consuming but that’s where the three years came in handy".

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