TornTV Removal is Recommendatory – Cyber Security Experts Say

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Warning! TornTV is a dangerous computer infection!
Your private data is in high risk if you are infected with TornTV!
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TornTV is a browser add-on which usually should not be considered a system threat, but lately it has demonstrated some really aggressive behavior and many of the users who had the program installed on their PCs have reported about annoying and unsafe web redirects, as well as serious computer problems. This was the reason why security specialists had a closer look at the program and found out that it usually comes bundled with browser add-ons and potentially unwanted programs. This means that even though the tool itself is not aimed at causing problems, the other applications it downloads to the users' PCs may be unreliable and thus the users may become victims of serious security attacks.

TornTV is basically a free video streaming program. On its official web site,, it is described as a tool that helps you "stop paying for Cable & Satelite". It is said that the application is free and it is easy to install it on your PC, it provides access to thousands of TV channels and has HD quality 24/7. Indeed, if you are a movie-lover or you just want to follow the latest TV shows, this application seems to be the perfect one for you. However, experts report that further investigation of the program's web page showed something interesting in the Privacy Policy of the tool. In it, it is said:

Our database of personal details (however we collect these details) is used by us, and third parties acting on our behalf, for administration and marketing related purposes. We may, from time to time, send you mailings which you have requested or we feel may interest you and/or are relevant to you. Such mailings may include details of our products and services e.g. newsletters and other related matters.

Although the program is a not a computer virus, the possibility of sharing users' information with third-parties is suspicious. In case that any confidential details are shared with unreliable third-parties, this may lead to fatal security problems. If the reputation of the parties to which the information is disclosed is not carefully checked, security specialists say that this may lead to disclosure of private users' information to hackers.


What is more, the tools which are downloaded together with TornTV are usually potentially unwanted programs. Most of these applications belong to Yontoo and among them are Deal Fairy and DropDownDeals. These programs are described by experts as browser hijackers. They are adware-supported programs and belong to pay-per-click systems. In case that any of them is installed on your browser, the settings of your browser will be immediately changed and the new program will take full control over the web browsing sessions on the PC. It is common for browser hijackers to change the home page of the user to some unknown site and make themselves the default search providers used on the computer. Moreover, hijackers flood browsers with useless pop-up ads, banners and messages and redirect users to sponsored third-party sites with unknown intentions and reputation.

Security specialists warn that redirects caused by such tools are unreliable and insecure. They can result in visits of compromised pages and pages controlled by cyber criminals. Experts say that these sites spread computer viruses and infiltrate malicious scripts into PCs to steal information and money from their users. This is why visiting unreliable pages is really risky and may lead to fatal system infections and loss of sensitive information and money theft.

Security specialists are concerned that TornTV usually comes with similar bundled programs and they are often installed without the knowledge of the users. Because of the problems that users may later experience after having downloaded the program, it is recommended to avoid it.

However, in case that users have already seen it installed or they have found some of the browser hijackers that come together with it, they are advised to uninstall it immediately and completely, together with any other installed programs and add-ons. Moreover, it is recommended that users have a reliable antivirus program on their PCs to scan the computers on a regular basis and stop viruses or malicious files from entering into them. Another important thing security specialists say is that no unknown or unreliable programs should be downloaded or used. On the contrary, the reliability of the programs should be checked before they are downloaded. Also, tools should be installed regularly to avoid using programs vulnerable to hackers attacks.

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