Super Stardust Ultra Out for PS4. New Planets and Modes Added

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Resogun released for PS3 and Vita, Defenders DLC reported.

In the PlayStation Blog, Sony reported that the favorite on PlayStation 3 - Housemarque's twin-stick shooter Super Stardust Ultra, will be out for PlayStation 4.

Along with the graphical upgrade, the new version of the game will get an array of new planets and a minimum of nine different game modes, including new modes as well as those we have seen in the older games and add-ons.

Another intriguing addition to the game is the so-called "Interactive Streaming" game mode, which lets you stream your game and let viewers to vote occasionally to change your gameplay experience.
Apart from the fact that Super Stardust Ultra has typical global leaderboards, now you're also able to directly send and receive challenges from your friends. In addition, the game possesses 2-4 split-screen multiplayer for cooperative or competitive modes.

In case you want to play some more of the Housemarque's PS4 debut Resogun, not long ago Sony reported the Resogun: Defenders DLC. The game will include two newly-created game modes—Protector and Commando, new ships, and all the new planets including what Housemarque announced is some of its most detailed artwork so far. If you do not have PS4, and want to play Resogun, Sony reported that the game will be out for PS3 and Vita on December 17.

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