Xbox One fans’ New Issue with the Halo Master Chief Collection

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The Master Chief Collection users are disturbed by a new issue related to Halo, but they are already dealing with it.

343 Industries already released their new content update for this week. It includes tweaks to matchmaking, parties, custom games, achievements and stability.

The complete list of modifications is provided bellow:


  • Improved matchmaking search times and success rates, specifically expediting the “Players Found” and “Connecting Session” search phases
  • Prevented a player’s rank from resetting unexpectedly
  • Resolved an issue which allowed players to be placed into an incorrect lobby after a matchmaking game
  • Sorted players by team in the “Match Found” screen
  • The party-leader was prompted to “Bring Party” when leaving a lobby
  • The split-screen players cannot be divided onto different teams
  • The clients are not kicked from parties at the end of matchmaking games with a “failed to connect” error
  • Halo 2: Anniversary matches do not continue indefinitely after entire opposing team quits
  • The parties are not separated when the party leader navigates through multiple titles


  • Prevented manual team selection from getting reset after a Custom Game match
  • Updated the “Make Party Leader” command functions


  • “Too Close to the Sun” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • “Monopolized” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • “Devastating” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met
  • “You’re Joking” achievement unlocks when prerequisites are met


  • Halo 2: Anniversary objective pickup, specifically in regards to objective “juggling”
  • Resolved a Halo 3 deadzone issue which affected moving in a straight line
  • Made additional improvements to Halo: CE fall damage scenarios
  • Resolved a Halo 2 Classic campaign issue where a black screen could overlay the gameplay screen


  • Matchmaking
  • Custom Games
  • Halo 4 Campaign

A week after a content update was launched, the new Halo Bulletin reported that players have been affected by a new bug. The latest patch was made to improve the matchmaking speeds.

"We our seeing many improvements since the update and we'd like to thank everyone who has offered their feedback," 343 Industries content manager Jay Frechette said in the online bulletin.

"We know some of you are still experiencing issue and we apologise for the frustration."

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