Xbox One Twitch Receives a Powerful Update

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The users of Xbox One Twitch application are about to receive a powerful update which will give them what they want to watch. The new update will use Xbox Live to associate real-time gameplay statistics with Twitch broadcasts.

This means that if users want a specific game stream, with specific stats, they can do so by surfing through various filters, such as game modes, maps, player stats, player skill level, in-game activity, or progress. In this way, instead of looking for the 'CoD: AW stream' in Twitch, the application update will allow users to hitch search parameters. Hypothetically, this option should enable them to spend a match watching a Call of Duty stream broadcaster who holds the highest kill/death ratio.

Some other examples include instantly queing up for a Halo match that is based on who has the highest rank in Slayer mode or discovering Forza Horizon 2 players driving who are a specific type of car.

Thanks to the update, Xbox One users will be able to watch Twitch videos on demand, which allows Twitchers to watch previous broadcasts at any time, no matter whether the broadcaster is online or offline.

Meanwhile, if you are a Twitch user, or you like seeing Team IGN get annihilated in the newest Destiny raid, feel free to follow IGN over on Twitch anytime you like.

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