Tower of Guns Available for PS3, PS4, Xbox One fans in 2015

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Tower of Guns is a a bullet-hell-style shooter which is scattered with rogue-like elements like procedurally-generated rooms and loot, will be released on PS3, PS4 and Xbox One (via the ID@Xbox program) in the early 2015. The upcoming ports were revealed in a post from Terrible Posture Games co-founder Joe Mirabello, who reported that Grip Digital will be arranging the publishing duties.

Cross-buy compatibility is going to be supported for the PS3 and PS4 ports, with the latter version which will be running at 60 frames per second in 1080p. Nevertheless, Grip Games' Jakub Mikyska says that a Vita version is unlikely to be released, because Unreal Engine games don't function well on the handheld. Mikyska also pointed out that the device's CPU isn't quite up to handling Tower of Guns' clouds of projectiles, saying that even making the PS3 version to function was hard.

The PC users have been dodging Tower of Guns' bullets since March on Steam and GOG, with the latter store which presently offers a 50 percent discount on the frenzied ascent.

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