Release Dates for Tetris Ultimate PS4 and Xbox One Fixed

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Puzzle classic features Drivatar-like system and four-player mode Updated.

The feature-packed re-release of Alexey Pajitnov's popular 1984 puzzle game - Tetris Ultimate, will be out this week on PS4 and Xbox one.

Its publisher – Ubisoft, is presently an owner of the license for publishing the Tetromino block-building game, and claims that the edition for PS4 will ship via the PlayStation Store on December 16, while the edition for Xbox One will arrive via Xbox Live on the following day.

A significant characteristics of Tetris Ultimate appears to be the four-player mode, a popular spin on the format which was first introduced with the N64 game The New Tetris. The six individual game modes which compliment this are provided below (as written by Ubisoft):

  • Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
  • Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out.
  • Ultra – Race to score as many points possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
  • Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.
  • Battle – Go head-to-head to knock out your challengers.
  • Battle Ultimate – Be the last person playing after using crazy power-ups! Go on the offensive with Carousel and make your opponent's Matrix shift to the left after each move, or trigger Let It Rain and dump blocks down on top of them. Buzz Saw helps you advance by clearing away a number of your lines, especially useful when you're in a spot of trouble.

In addition, Ubisoft says that Tetris Ultimate uses a Drivatar-like system where the game will mark your play style and let others to play against an AI recreation of it. The game includes global leaderboard and in-game replay options either.

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