Ultra Street Fighter IV is Expected to PS4 With All It’s DLC

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The Ultra Street Fighter IV's PS4 edition will feature all of the game's DLC in one value pack.

Despite the fact that Street Fighter V is still a while away, Capcom has reported something which should whet the owner's appetite of PS4 for fighting in the streets. Ultra Street Fighter IV that was previously exclusive to last-generation consoles and PC, will be launched to PS4 this spring.

In addition, the Ultra Street Fighter IV version for PS4 will feature all of the game's previously released DLC, including the costume packs, such as the recently released vacation and Wild costumes, as well as Omega Mode (it's worth noting that Omega Mode was actually a free update, rather than paid DLC, for prior owners of the game).

This is going to be the first Street Fighter title to hit next-gen consoles. Regarding the Xbox One owners, it was previously reported that Street Fighter V would be exclusive to PS4 and PC, thus while Street Fighter IV was previously released on Xbox 360, it is unlikely that the game will get a re-release on Xbox One.

Sony did not implemented that the PS4 version would have any additional features, or a graphical overhaul like The Last of Us: Remastered, that presently it looks like it 's going to be a straight-up port.

In addition, Sony and Capcom announced that Resident Evil Revelations 2, another Capcom title which was previously released on last-gen consoles, would be launched to the PS Vita around the same time the PS4 version of SFIV is released.

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