‘SMITE’ Xbox One Release Date Announced. Beta Registration Started.

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One of the most successful third person action MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena video game - “SMITE”, will finally have a console version as soon as Microsoft launches it for Xbox One. The registration for the beta test for the upcoming console release has already started.

No plans for the Xbox One's "SMITE" launch were revealed during the Gamescom 2014. Earlier, it was known that games under the MOBA genre do not usually succeed when brought out of the PC platform, though, the game developer Hi-Rez Studios intends to change that with their upcoming release.

"When Microsoft made the statement, 'Finally, here is a MOBA that wants to be played on console' they were referring to Smite and the fact that the camera angle and controls are different to the traditional MOBA. Many of the 2D isometric MOBAs have a more challenging time translating the control scheme to a controller. With Smite it is very natural. In fact, right now with the PC version we do support plugin of a controller, and we have quite a few players who prefer that and already find it a comfortable experience," the Hi-Rez Studios co-founder Todd Harris said. During the event, Harris also stated that they were considering launching the game to PS 4, but they would like to concentrate on the Xbox One version first.

Presently, players are wondering whether the next "SMITE" World Championship, after the one taking place at the moment, will feature the Xbox One. Also, they want to know how this game will function when using two different controllers. Nevertheless, the representatives of the game developers have not addressed these questions yet.

The beta phase for the Xbox One edition of "SMITE" is expected to be released sometime this year, though, no actual date is yet announced. Those, who are presently playing the game on their PCs, can look forward to bringing their progress to the gaming console once it is out.

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