CTB Locker Hits More Than 40 000 PCs in the US

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Yesterday a report by one of the leading security labs disclosed worrying results about a virus called CTB Locker which attacks gamers' computers. According to the research, the infection has managed to compromise more than 40 000 PCs in the US only during the last month, about 80% of which belong to players of online games. These figures are really worrying as the virus seems to increase the number of infected machines every day, security specialists say.

Thousands of users have reported about the presence of CTB Locker on their machines. All of the victims say the infection seems to lock their computers and thus makes it impossible for them to access their files or launch any programs. The users are told that their documents, photos and any other files found on the computers are encrypted and a payment is required in the next 72 hours to decrypt them. Worried users have contacted their security service providers to ask for help with the decryption of the files. According to the latest reports, the numbers of such cases has increased with 40% during this month, which is really worrying and security experts are determined to do anything they can to stop the attacks of the serious virus.

As specialist say, it is really important to know the behavior and typical characteristics of the virus. According to the report, CTB Locker is said to belong to the Crypto Ransomware family of infections. During the previous year, such infections known as Win-lockers or also ransomware viruses have caused serious security problems to a large number of computers all over the world. This is why they are considered to be a great security threat to user's PCs and security labs all over the world are working on stopping these infections from compromising more computers. However, the latest reports show worrying results about the CTB Locker ransomware attacker.

About 80% of the reported cases when the virus was found describe computers which belong to fans of online games. Experts say they have tried to find the ways in which the infection is downloaded to PCs. Specialists believe that it is downloaded automatically from compromised websites or unreliable pages. Also, there are cases in which users report that the virus demonstrates its presence after freeware software has been downloaded to the computers. According to the words of security experts, the virus also sneaks into computers together with spam email attachments. This is why one of the first things users should do to protect their computers from attacks of hackers or from infiltration of potentially unwanted programs is to install only software from trustworthy and well-known sources.

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Users who have this virus on their PCs say that when they turn their computers on, a warning is displayed on the Desktop, explaining that a fine in bitcoins should be paid in due course to decrypt the encrypted files. The infection wants to lure users into believing this is a reliable message, but security specialists explain that people should never be misled into believing in these misleading words. In the notification users are told not to run an antivirus program, turn off the PC or disable the Internet connection, but this information is not reliable. Experts explain that the reason this message is a displayed is because the user's PC is infected with the CTB Locker virus. This infection wants nothing, but the user's money and none of its words are true.

Security specialists say that the first thing that should be done in case that a user faces this serious attacker, is to keep calm and not pay the money or share any personal and financial details. In case that users have not disclosed their sensitive information and they have not paid the fine, they can solve the problem by removing the infection with the help of an automatic malware detection program. This will help them unlock the PC and regain access to their files.

However, if any personal or financial details are sent to cyber criminals, the case will turn into a really serious security problem and it will not be possible to stop thieves from using the information to steal the user's money and identity or for other illegal purposes. This is why experts' advice should be taken into consideration and users should never fall for the empty threats shown by CTB Locker.

Security specialists say that immediately after the infection is found on a PC, it should be removed completely, before hackers have managed to steal money or information from the user. The most effective way to remove CTB Locker virus is by using an automatic security program. Users have to choose a reliable security application and run a full scan of the system to delete the infection. The good thing about using AV software is that it will detect any files and malicious scripts connected to the virus and will completely remove them from the system. All of this will be done without any risk of experiencing a fatal system crash or losing the user's files and information.

When commenting on their reports, security specialists say that users can prevent such infections themselves if they are more careful when browsing the net. According to the experts, the first step towards stopping online crime is to protect PCs from attacks of viruses and make them not vulnerable to being compromised. This can be achieved by using a reliable AV program and paying close attention to the safety of the websites users visit and the programs they use.

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