Security Specialists: BoBrowser Removal Turns Out to be a Difficult Task

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"BoBrowser came to my browser out of nowhere and now I don't know how to get rid of it,” says Peter, a 23-year-old fan of online war games.

Today security experts from leading labs have reported that the number of browsers to which BoBrowser is attached has increased significantly. Specialists report this as a really worrying fact, because most of the users of the PCs have no idea how the add-on has been downloaded to their machines. A research was made and the results showed that most of the new installations of this potentially unwanted program are on computers that belong to players of online games. This raises numerous questions and experts are currently trying to find out how the program enters PCs without being noticed.

Security experts suspect that while trying new games and surfing the net, users visit different sites and some of these pages happen not to be reliable. Because of the large number of users who have complained from this add-on, specialists commented in an interview that this method of spreading browser hijackers is known to include compromised and malicious websites. When a user is taken to a suspicious page, unknown and unreliable software can be downloaded silently to his computer. Most of the users who have BoBrowser attached to their browsers report to have downloaded some other freeware software to their PCs. This is probably when the browser extension has been transferred to the user's computer.

Specialists also explain that this add-on is not a computer virus and it can be downloaded from its official website in case that a user is interested in its services. The program is described as software which speeds up the user's browsing and downloads and keeps his information secured. With these words and the fact that the icon of the add-on looks similar to this of the well-known browser Google Chrome, BoBrowser attracts the attention of the users and makes them believe it can actually optimize their browsing sessions. This is why some of the users who report to see this add-on on their browsers may have initiated the installation themselves. The same users are known to have contacted their security service providers to ask for assistance with the complete removal of the extension. Computer specialists warn that this tool is not connected with the reliable engine Chrome.

Indeed, a great security problem seems to have occurred with the use of BoBrowser, security specialists confirm. According to the words of the users, the add-on says to block all annoying ads and stop compromised applications from entering the user's computer. Also, the application claims to be “continuously optimized and checked for malware and viruses". However, users report that this add-on changes the settings of their browsers and generates pop-up ads and banners. Security researchers explain that such ads are often used by applications to redirect users to sponsored sites and unknown web pages. According to the experts' words, such redirects pose a serious risk to the user's security. If any of these sites happens to be unreliable or compromised, viruses will be able to be downloaded to the user's machine. Because BoBrowser is connected to numerous third-party sites the reputation and intentions of which are unknown and as the add-on is free to share the user's information with these third-parties at any time, specialists explain that this poses a serious risk to the user's security. Because the reputation of these pages is not checked, it may turn out that they are aimed at stealing users' details or using them for making money. In all cases, the users will not be alarmed that their information is used without their knowledge and permission. This is why experts from antivirus labs advise users to remove BoBrowser from their browsers and stop the popping up ads as soon as they can.

According to the words of the specialists, users have a major part in stopping online attacks of hackers and their viruses. They have to keep in mind some important steps to protect their computers from being infected. For example, users should avoid downloading programs from unreliable sources and carefully read through the installation steps of new software before allowing its installation. Users should also avoid visiting suspicious websites or clicking on unreliable web links. Also, they recommend that users should check their PCs with a reliable AV program regularly, to make sure that no viruses or malicious files have been downloaded to their computers. Experts point out that the use of reputable and effective security software can significantly reduce the risk of successful attacks of hackers.

Computer specialists hope that if users follow these security steps, the cases when BoBrowser is downloaded and configured without the user's knowledge will be reduced significantly. However, for the moment figures show that there are more and more new computers reported to have this add-on installed without any prior notification, so security specialists are still working on establishing all the ways in which the program can be downloaded.

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