The 1930s-Inspired Noir Horror Game White Night Launches to PS4, Xbox One and PC

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The developer OSome Studio reported that the noir horror game White Night, which was initially developed by the former Alone in the Dark team, will be launched to PS 4, Xbox One and PC on March 3, this year.

White Night is characterized as an "old-school survival horror adventure", which takes place in Boston in 1930s. The game includes a significant black-and-white film noir look.

On the PlayStation Blog, the creative director and co-founder of OSome Studio, Ronan Coiffec said:

"We wanted to create something that people would enjoy, but also something that would stand out as unusual and refreshing in today’s survival horror landscape."

"That meant revisiting the themes that made classic horror games like the original Alone in the Dark so gripping: mature storytelling, strong characters, compelling environments, and equal respect for tension and terror," Coiffec added.

"White Night is a good old ghost story full of mystery, poetry, alchemy, and suspense."

Typically for the most horror games, the action in White Night takes place in a creepy deserted mansion.

For inspiration, Ronan Coiffec and the rest of the developers team listened to 1930s jazz music, deliberated over black-and-white movies of the era, and rented a real mansion in Normandy where they stayed for a week to "steep ourselves in the setting."

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