New Bungie Bounty for PS4 and Xbox One by Destiny

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On February 4, from 3-5 AM GMT five members from the renowned Destiny team will play in a control match on the Sony console, together with the Bungie community manager, David Dague.

Dague announced that the teams who successfully defeat the squad will win the 'emblem of legends.'

"The mission (as well as the platform) is chosen by the special guests," the community manager said.

"Invigorate likes Control, and they've been practicing - just like they do before a Raid. This time, the loot they fight for is an emblem of legends. If you can match with them, you'll have a chance of winning it, too.

"Invigorate Gaming is a deadly team. They've carved World First status from every Raid boss that we've brought to life. Atheon? Check. Crota? Check. Sometimes on Normal. Sometimes on Hard.

"They hunt the big game and they take 'em down. You could say that this is a reverse Bungie Bounty, because now they're going to hunt you."

Fans of Xbox One were very disappointed by the announcement that they would get no chance to participate in Bungie Bounty events anymore, after the launch of the game last year.

A fan asked: "How about an event for Xbox hmm?

"On October 15 DeeJ said Xbox gamers on deck for Bungie Bounty. That must be a very long deck."

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