Dragon Age Inquisition Update on PS4 and PS3 Comes Out Today

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Patch 4 is out for Dragon Age Inquisition on PS 4, PS 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 today, accompanied by many changes and fixes in order to improve its experience. In addition, it includes all the content from Patch 3 and Patch 4 which are already available on PC.

The full list of patch notes in the new console update are provided bellow:

Patch 1.03 Details


  • Added key binding that allows players to walk.
  • Added mouse cursor scaling.
  • Fixed issue that could result in the mouse getting stuck in mouse-look mode.
  • Fixed display bars to correctly reflect items that alter maximum health.

Single Player

  • Changed party banter system to be less random to prevent extra-long periods where no conversations would occur.
  • Changed Tactical Camera so that it no longer re-centers when the player changes party members.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed for infinite influence.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to exploit their gold value in single-player mode.
  • Fixed allied mage AI so they did not dispel targets that the player had frozen.
  • Fixed issue that could cause some conversations to be “hitchy.”
  • Fixed Masterwork Prowler Armor so it no longer distorts on certain characters.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Harmon to disappear in certain circumstances.



  • Enabled push-to-talk functionality in the multiplayer end of match screen.
  • Enabled push-to-talk in the multiplayer armor upgrade menu.
  • Fixed issue where changing multiplayer match settings would take effect without confirming changes.
  • Fixed case that could cause keys to not drop in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the potion mapped to the first slot to also be used when pushing the 9 key in multiplayer mode.
  • Tuned Strength of Spirits to be more useful in multiplayer mode.
  • Tweaked the balance of the Demon Commander in multiplayer mode.

Patch 1.04 Details

Single Player

  • Retroactively applied fix to crafted shields from Patch 3 to shields crafted before the patch.


  • Reduced the frequency of the Key Drop issue in multiplayer. Fixed several instances where monsters could not die and added extra failsafes.
  • Investigation continues for a few remaining outliers, such as when monsters leave the playing area.
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