Rock Band 4 Launches to PS4 and Xbox One This Year

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The developer Harmonix says that an official sequel to Rock Band for PS 4 and Xbox One will be released this year.

The studio’s revamped, group-angled rock-a-thon—dubbed Rock Band 4 and due by this fall—will be backward-compatible, including a great part of its prior installments, featuring all the songs, plastic faux-guitars, rubber drum kits and keytars.

The previous version of Rock Band game was launched in 2010 and sold well enough, however, after the years of market saturation, the thinking was that maybe folks needed a make-believe musical break.

The longtime series Harmonix released a one-off in the interim, which is a downloadable rhythm game for PS3 and Xbox 360, called Rock Band Blitz and it eschewed special controllers for catchall gamepad-tapping. Nevertheless, the worry post back then was that probably the phenom had passed.

The challenge of Harmonix, with scads of copies of earlier games and all their accessories still widely available, is convincing players that Rock Band 4 is more than just the last band game they played with souped-up visuals and refurbished content. Looks like the studio understands that concern.

Regarding the previous work of Harmonix, the product manager of the studio Daniel Sussman says the following:

“In retrospect, I think we innovated in a lot of areas that were not necessarily the right ones. We’re really trying very hard this time around to be very creative in ways that will impact everybody in the band.”

So, there are two hitches. The first one is that we have no idea what Sussman’s talking about, because Harmonix is only teasing about the new game and avoiding any details. Everything we know is from “behind the scenes”, and apart from the video available, there are a few fuzzy buzz phrases, like “evolution of the way that you play” and “now we’re very indie.”

Secondly: Scratch 2009’s masterful The Beatles: Rock Band, arguably the apotheosis of Rock Band-dom. Wired states that this musical gold mine’s currently off the books for licensing reasons.

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