Will ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ Launch to PS4 and Xbox One?

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In order to keep the franchise fresh, Activision included multiple new features and weapons into “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”. Nevertheless, some players keep thinking that the high water mark for the CoD series remains “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2”.

Presently, there is a new petition for bringing back a remastered version of "CoD:MW2" for the current-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which is getting very popular among gamers. To be precise, the petition has already garnered more then 56,000 signatures only for a week.

"I speak for every one when I say that Modern Warfare 2 was one of Activision's best game," states the petition. "Just a fun & enjoyable game that really gives you that nostalgic feeling. The guns, maps, kill streaks were just incredible. At the moment mw2 for the ps3 & xbox is just overrun by hackers. If they remaster the game, & sort a couple things out (e.g noob tubing) it would make a lot of people happy."

The most successful "Call of Duty" titles have already been re-released by Activision, including its “Call of Duty: Deluxe Edition PC”, featuring "Call of Duty: Game of the Year Edition" and "Call of Duty" United Offensive" for PC.
Currently, no one knows whether Activision will respond to the"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" petition, having in mind the fact that the Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward is already a shell of its former self after former Infinity Ward CEO Jason West, and had left the team in 2010 amid an unsolved discussion.

Currently, Activision keeps investing in the continuing development on “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, as the developer of the game Sledgehammer is reading a number of new "CoD:AW" DLC packages.

Last month, Sledgehammer launched the new “Havoc” DLC. The new update included four new multiplayer maps (Core, Urban, Sideshow, and Drift), featurinr an exciting "Exo Zombies" mode, as well as a brand-new co-op starring four Atlas operatives depicted by John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and John Bernthal. In addition, "Havoc" DLC also offers two new weapons including the AE4 directed energy assault rifle and the AE4 Widowmaker.

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