Launch Date of ‘Hellblade’ for PS4 Remains Undefined. PC Version in Development

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The independent game developer Ninja Theory has reported that they are currently working on a PC version of the upcoming third-person action game "Hellblade." The announcement was made months after the Gamescomm Press Conference of PlayStation when they revealed that "Hellblade" was in development exclusively for the PS4.

Ninja Theory is an independent game developer who wants to start independent "AAA" gaming which means being able to develop the game that you want the way you want it and publish it without "being beholden to publishers." "Hellblade" is the first attempt of the studio in the independent "AAA" gaming.

Also, "Hellblade" is being likened to the other game developed by Ninja Theory for PS3, named "Heavenly Sword." Both games involve a female protagonist and who are fighting off evil using a sword. According to the studio, the two characters are not related.

Further on the report states that the game will bring: "ninja-class combat, strong character stories and a unique art vision."

According to another report published in venture Capital Post, the creative chief of the studio Tameem Antoniades, announced the reasons why they started looking at PC.

"I think PC offers us a level of freedom that we haven't had before," Antoniades said. Also, they are looking at a 4k resolution for the PC version, as well as at some support for modifications.

Another thing that Ninja Theory would like to emphasize in their game development is the fact that they want fans and players to be able to add and contribute to the game.

"As an independent we have the freedom to do that. I think we want to get to the point where we can invite players and fans to add to the game, and do things that are unexpected, and suggest ideas or add-ons that can make the game richer," Antoniades stated.

The launch date for either the PS4 or the PC version is undefined yet.

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