Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 and Beta Keys for Xbox One Launching Today

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A beta client of Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One will be launching this week. Today ZeniMax Online Studios began sending out the invitations to select console gamers.

"This is a limited, closed public beta. You must receive an invite to participate. We are sending invites to some of those who signed up for the ESOTU console beta (not everyone who signed up will get an invite)," said ZeniMax said on Elder Scrolls Online.

The invitations will be sent out via email today at 10AM EDT. Just in case, ZeniMax advises you to check your spam folder for the invite. It's good that users will have the opportunity to download the beta client early as the game is massive.

"At the moment, the client will exceed a 50GB Blu-ray disc which means there will also be a large day-one patch that is somewhere in the region of 15GB."

The beta client will commence on Thursday at 10AM EDT and end on April 27th at the same time. Users will get the opportunity to play the full version of the MMORPG during the test. This weekend will be the only chance to try out the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Elder Scrolls Online before their release in June.

Anyone who wants to watch some footage of the console versions online, will get the chance to do it. ZeniMax won't be bringing back the strict NDA from prior tests on PC and Mac, and all the participants can share videos, screenshots and information about the game. In addition, the studio shared a few new ones from the PS4 and Xbox One which are available online.

The versions for PS4 and Xbox One will have mega servers for North America and Europe. The preferred server can be picked up upon starting the beta. There's no cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One players.

"We will be wiping all characters from the ESOTU console beta before the official worldwide launch on June 9th," ZeniMax said.
The console versions of Elder Scrolls Online will have the same subscription-optional business model that has been recently implemented on PC and Mac. Nevertheless, in order to play, you'll still need a Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership.

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