GTA V: The Rockstar Editor Launches On PS4 and Xbox One In The Summer

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Last month Grand Theft Auto V was released on PC. The latest version of the game included a built in video editing suite which offered fans the tools they needed to make films of their own, set within Los Santos.

At that time, the game's developer announced that console gamers will also soon be able to become GTA V filmmakers themselves, because the Rockstar Editor is scheduled to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation later in the summer.

Alongside the upcoming launch of video editing tools within the current-gen console versions of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games is planning to add The Lab radio station to Xbox and PlayStation systems. While the new music will be available across all platforms, the Rockstar Editor won’t be heading to older console hardware, meaning that the original Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of GTA V unfortunately won’t be getting the in-game movie-making tools.

According to Rockstar Games, the last-gen consoles don’t have the technical specifications required to run the editor.

“The Rockstar Editor is an advanced tool requiring additional processing power so it would not be compatible with GTA V on the older systems, but we are currently working on a version tailored for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles – and we hope to release that sometime this summer, or as soon as it is ready. We are also planning to bring The Lab radio station to all four consoles in a forthcoming title update. Please stay tuned for more information.”

When talking about the future of GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3, the developer also said that they will probably reach a point where the hardware limitations of the older platforms will prevent the team from being able to continue to bring new content to last-gen consoles. When that happens, only the Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions of Grand Theft Auto V will be able to receive the newest GTA Online updates.

“We always knew there might be a point where we would reach the technical capacity of what the older generation of consoles can handle as each downloadable update requires additional memory both for assets and for additional scripting. We have continued to optimize the entire game over time in order to squeeze as much memory as we possibly could out of the last-generation hardware and at some point, continuing to add content for those systems could cause the risk of instability to the game overall.”

The good news is that Rockstar Games hasn’t hit that point yet, so the owners of last-gen platforms can keep looking forward to new content for the time being.

The developer also stated that the next major content update for GTA V will still be launched on all systems, including the Xbox 360 and PS3.

“As of now, we are planning on releasing the next big content update for all five systems and we will continue to squeeze as much as we possibly can onto them.”

In addition, Rockstar Games promised players that they will never ban PC users for using mods while playing the single player campaign of Grand Theft Auto V. The developer only plans to punish those who attempt to use mods while accessing the title’s online servers.

The developer gave the gamers a few examples of what can be created using GTA V‘s new Rockstar Editor by releasing a series of their favorite fan creations from their official blog. Move user-made GTA V movies will show up as soon as the tools are launched on the current-gen consoles by the end of the year.

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