‘Gears of War’ Gameplay Video Leaked. Game is Coming to Xbox One?

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A gameplay video, most probably from the remake of the "Gears of War" for Xbox One console, has been leaked online. The video came out as a proof for the existence of the game's new version, which is in development only for Xbox One.

The video lasts 36 seconds, and it shows the main character in the game, Marcus Fenix, then a Locust Horde foot soldier, each killing enemies in a multiplayer match. In fact, it looks better than the footage from the Xbox 360 version.

The video leak came out after an earlier report about a remake of the third person shooter video game in the works which promised to "upgrade the visuals of the Xbox 360 shooter in several ways", such as the lighting and textures, as well as the frame rate that will be bumped up to 60. It was reported that the cinematics have already been redone by an outside animation studio.

Regarding the edition's rumored title, it was mentioned that a copyright for the name "Gears of War: Ultimate Edition" has been filed in Brazil last week. Nevertheless, the game franchise owner Microsoft has not confirmed that the remake of the game is being developed for real. The speculation claims that they might make an official announcement during the upcoming E3, this year.

In some related news, Microsoft has traced the source of the leaks to some contractors working for a company called VMC Games, which is handling the testing of the "Gears" title and have taken action on those who are responsible for the leaked videos.

"Gears of War" is a video game franchise that was originally developed by Epic Games and currently owned by Microsoft Studios. The franchise has four games in the series.

Last year, Microsoft bought the rights from Epic Games and reported that Black Tusk Studios is developing another game for Xbox One.

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