MotoGP 15 For Xbox One Will Use Extra CPU Core. Big Performance Improvements

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Xbox One has been making some major improvements since it first launched. Despite the fact that it has been recognized as less powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft has been refining the performance through patches and updates, unlocking more of the performance for developers to take advantage of. Such developer is Milestone S.r.l which released the MotoGP series and RIDE.

GamingBolt talked to the technical designer Andrea Basilio, who is presently working on MotoGP 15 about developing for the Xbox One and the potential that lies within the console. MotoGP 15 will be the first game in the series to launch on Xbox One but Milestone, already has experience with the console thanks to RIDE.

On development being easier as a result, Basilio said:

“The Xbox One is a really powerful and easy to manage hardware. With RIDE we’ve understood how to use the new system and its tools. On MotoGP 15 we’re performing a step forward and we’re using the Xbox One a lot better.”

In addition, Basilio stated that MotoGP 15 will be taking advantage of the extra CPU core freed up by Microsoft for development.

“Yes, of course we use it, and yes, we have a big improvement to have one core more available. I think the users will benefit from this improvement.”

MotoGP 15 will be released on July 19 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and PC.

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