5 Things to Know about the Crackdown Release for Xbox One

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After being waiting for five years, the release of Crackdown for Xbox One is ready to bring the fun back to Pacific City where the Agency have to wrestle back control from a corrupt underground of criminals that from the looks of it still run things.

The launch of Crackdown 3 was presented at the E3 last year, removing the 3 from its name to signify the exclusive release for Xbox One. According to the latest details, there are five things that users should know about the Crackdown for Xbox One.

The rumors for Crackdown 3 have been rather rampant during the last five years, though not to the level of Fallout 4. Despite the fact that GTA 5 is a more recognizable name in the open world gameplay and a leader in sales because of the multiple releases on last gen, current gen and PCs, Crackdown continues to be fans' favorite.

Now it is already clear that Crackdown for Xbox One exists and it's launching exclusively to Xbox One. As E3 2015 approaches and the hype for new games is getting higher, that is a refresh of what users should know about the new Crackdown release which is coming up very soon.

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