Windows 10 Beta Users Already Stream Xbox One Games Locally

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Despite the fact that Windows 10 is not officially available yet, the early adopters have been running the Insider Preview for months. Several days ago, those who're running the latest build are already capable of taking an advantage of the Xbox One game streaming functionality in the Windows 10 Xbox application.

On the Xbox Wire, Larry Hryb discusses the process of enabling this shiny new feature. In case you want to try it out, start by heading to the Settings menu on the Xbox One. Under Preferences, you should be able to toggle on a setting titled Allow game streaming to other devices.

After that you should make sure that you’re running the latest Windows 10 build and the newest version of the Xbox application. Launch the app, navigate to Connect, and select Add a device. Provided you’re on the same network, you should be able to select your Xbox One from this menu. Then plug in a controller, go to the Home tab, and then select your console under the Game Streaming section.

In fact, Microsoft isn’t the first out of the gate for local game streaming. Sony gives you the opportunity to stream PS4 games to the Vita and PlayStation TV by using Remote Play, Valve offers in-home streaming in the Steam client, and even Nintendo offers off-TV play for many titles on the Wii U.

Now we can already add this feature to the long list of improvements that Redmond has made in an attempt to right the ship after the initial debacle. Despite the fact that the strict DRM, the focus on television, and the reliance on the Kinect were all missteps, there were also numerous small issues which needed to be corrected after the problematic reign of Don Mattrick.

Along with the major price drops, the announcement for the backwards compability, and the new game streaming roll-out, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has done a superb job revitalizing the Xbox One. Though, PS4 took hold as the dominant platform this generation, and Microsoft has been playing catch-up ever since.

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