Chromatic Browser Removal Guide

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If you feel unsatisfied with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and are on the lookout for a less flawed alternative solution, you can be sure its creators would at least unveil their identity. It is however not the case with this inferior imitation of Google Chrome, and you should remove Chromatic Browser from your PC, point blank. It is based on Chromium, the open-source project behind Google's popular browser, and claims to offer safer, faster, more private surfing and downloading experience. Additionally, it promises to help you save time and money (courtesy of its integrated shopping extension) and watch otherwise blocked video content from around the World (thanks to its inbuilt watching extension). At first both features might seem alluring, nevertheless, they stir questions regarding the legitimacy of the product, to say the least.

The methods of its distribution are a reason to get rid of Chromatic Browser by themselves. Weirdly, for a software that is supposedly bound to reshape the way users perceive the Internet, a download link is nowhere to be found on its official homepage, (but you will notice a slightly reversed fake of Google Chrome's logo). This leaves its proud inventors with no other options, but to spread it around the World Wide Web, employing the strategies that hackers usually resort to. Therefore, Chromatic is presently only to be “acquired” alongside other free applications that questionable file-sharing and torrent websites offer as whole freeware packages. As it has been pointed out many times before, these software bundles are notorious adware and malware bearers. They are provided with custom installers whose contents are on purpose vaguely disclosed and feature “bonus offers” of suspicious nature. This is why you should always be very cautious when installing them, and never skip one single step of the setup process.

It is advisable to delete Chromatic Browser not only because it is an absolutely unneeded parody of Google's browser that doesn't deserve hard disk space or memory it consumes. The product and the company behind it are surrounded by non-charming mystery. What is obvious however is that they use underhanded means marketing and distribution which doesn't exactly define a reputable company. It is also alarming that the browser tends to show third party commercial advertisements which would not reach you otherwise, meaning it shows some signs of adware-like behavior. It is also recommendable to get rid of Chromatic Browser in order to preserve the privacy of your browsing-related and personal data, because it most likely not only records your IP, geographic location, system setup, bookmarks, visited webpages, searched keywords, login credentials and bank details, but also shares them with and sells them for profit.

If you have taken the decision to remove Chromatic Browser from your computer, you can do that manually. For that purpose, please navigate to the Control Panel. From there, you can initiate Window Software Removal utility. Our detailed guide below will show you how exactly to proceed. Please don't forget that after you eliminate Chromatic Browser by hand, your PC might still be contaminated with additional, malicious programs that have come bundled with it. The only method to ensure the safety of your computer and the data stored on it is to obtain and run a trustworthy anti-virus tool, and we greatly recommend you to do so.

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