Firefly MMOG Development ’delayed’

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Sep 03, 2008 09:21

Apparently Joss Whedon and Fox believe that Buffy is a stronger license than Firefly. Whedon, the creator of both series, must be too busy working on getting Multiverse up to speed on the Buffy universe to bother with his other property that has been a long-awaited MMOG.

Unfortunately the Firefly MMOG development is being delayed but Fox says it will push forward. With the recent announcement of the Buffy MMOG in devo at Multiverse I have to believe that Fox and Whedon have agreed to focus on the vampire slaying cash cow before they risk the lesser known sci-fi ’western’ Firefly.

The Firefly franchise story was wrapped up in the Serenity feature length film but fans still clamor for more. The game announcement was received with much hollerin’ and gun shootin’ skyward by fans. But with the announced delay we’ll have to just hang in there, like we always do.

Take me out to the black, tell ’em I ain’t comin’ back.

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#1 Sep 3, 2008 21:05:48 Sep 04, 2008 01:45

Why do I get the strong feeling that the Firefly MMO is going to get cancelled...:(

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