Xbox One Gets Custom Star Wars Controller

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Extreme Consoles, a company based in UK, presented its latest creation: a Star Wars-themed Xbox One controller. The custom controller is based on the look of a Stormtrooper, which it captures just perfectly.

The Star Wars controller has even attracted the attention of the Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who re-tweeted it. Another curious thing about the new controller the fact that the left thumbstick is placed where the Stormtrooper's eye would be. So, moving the stick around could be a bit strange.

Extreme Consoles sells its custom wares on eBay and Etsy or by direct order. More information about the company and its custom creations could be found on its official website.

According other Star Wars gaming news, the multiplayer beta for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront will take place between October 8 – October 12, 1015.

The new game will be out in November, this year, accompanied by a $450 limited edition PS4 console plus matching controller, customized after the popular bad guy Darth Vader.

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