Star Wars Battlefront Preloading Now Available On Xbox One

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Gamers have been waiting to play Star Wars Battlefront for a quite long time already, and now the wait is almost over, especially for the Xbox One owners.

A poster on the video game forum NeoGaf says that Star Wars Battlefront is now ready for preloading commander du viagra en belgique. Additionally, it reveals that the file size of the game will be19.4 GB.

Despite the fact that Star Wars Battlefront will be launched on Nov. 17, the owners of Xbox One can already download and install the games to their consoles. So, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 17, gamers can immediately jump into Hoth or Endor to start blasting away at Imperial soldiers. It may not seem like a lot of time saved, though players should consider the fact that downloads tend to slow down when many people are trying to access the same files.

Presently, Star Wars Battlefront preloading is available for Xbox One owners. It is certain that the PS4 and PC owners will also receive a preloading period on their platforms before Star Wars Battlefront is officially launched.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the file size of Star Wars Battlefront is 19.4 GB, which is really small. This means that it shouldn't require too much hard drive maintenance to download.
Most probably, the reason for the small file size is the lack of single-player. For reference, Battlefield Hardline's file size was a whopping 55.1 GB. However, Battlefield Hardline featured a single-player campaign.

According to the EA's official Star Wars Battlefield Twitter account, the game will have no in-voice chat on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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