WiLD For PS4 To Be Presented At This Year’s Paris Games Week?

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At last year’s Gamescom, Sony presented a brand new exclusive game for PS4, named WiLD.

Thanks to its interesting premise and to the fact that the game is being developed by Wild Sheep, an independent game studio founded by the creator of Rayman, Michel Ancel, lots of gamers have become interested in WiLD. This year have not been said much about the game yet, though it looks like there will be more news coming soon.

This week ,Paris Games Week will be held in France and several publishers, including Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment, will present some of their highly anticipated games. In a recent interview with a French site, Mr. Michel Ancel has been asked what he is working on presently and if we are going to see more of WiLD during this year’s Paris Games Week. Mr. Ancel answered that he doesn’t know if we will see more of WiLD at PGW, hinting that we might indeed see more of the game later this month.

WiLD is a very interesting game set in an era where humanity and nature were one. The game is going to be an online survival game where players will be able to explore a huge map and interact with pretty much anything they see. Additionally, WiLD will feature dynamic weather and seasons as well as the ability to play as pretty much any creature found in the game. These features sound very interesting on paper, so it will be great to see how they will be implemented in the game.

Presently, WiLD is in development as a PS4 exclusive and its launch date is yet to be confirmed viagra pharmacie en ligne.

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