Fallout 4 Limited Edition Controller For Xbox One Announced

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A 20% off sale in running at the official Bethesda online store this week, alongside a new limited-edition item going up for grabs each day. While tomorrow, you might want to prepare to get your mitts on the new Fallout 4 controller for Xbox One.

Every day until Friday, a new Fallout-themed merchandise will be released, and 5,000 of these controllers will become available tomorrow.

The new wired Xbox One controller comes in the classic vault jumpsuit colors with the ever-cheerful Vault Boy painted on it. Presently, its price is unknown and will probably be announced when the controllers go on sale tomorrow.

Today's special at the Bethesda store is a $16 Great War t-shirt, while the rest of the week will see in some other cleverly designed merch.

On Wednesday, a khaki Pip Boy-themed messenger bag will go on sale. 1,500 units of a Vault-Tec Industries watch will be on sale on Thursday, and on Friday the sale will end with a limited edition Art of Fallout 4 book.

Compared to the previously announced Art of Fallout 4, this is a different version of the book, because of the inclusion of a custom slip-case, a new 16-page art gallery section, and a mini lithograph.

Fallout 4 launches this November for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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