Xbox One With Two Controllers, ‘Gears of War’, And ‘Fallout 4’ On Black Friday?

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Even though it's October yet, gamers have already started looking forward to the upcoming Black Friday, as this is the holy day of American consumerism and perhaps the best single day of a given year to pick up a new video game console. Get Out film download

According to a leaked ad for Dell’s suite of Black Friday, “Doorbusters” should be of particular interest to anyone looking to upgrade to Microsoft’s Xbox One, mostly because it features the best bundle I’ve seen since Best Buy’s impressive TV/Xbox One offering. It features a 500 gb Xbox One, Fallout 4, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and an extra controller for $299.99. The whole pack would run you $469.99 at full retail, and having in mind that lots of people are probably considering picking up a current-gen console for Fallout 4 alone, the rest certainly sweetens the deal.

Though, this is hardly the last set of deals we’ll see. In 2014, Microsoft was highly active with bundles, and it paid off in a pretty successful holiday season. This year, they’re up against a $349.99 PS4, but they’ve got Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of The Tomb Raider ready to roll. So, most probably Microsoft is banking on their flagship exclusive to move some hardware, and it look like they’ll be giving it plenty of support to help the console ride that momentum.

Considering all the above-mentioned, anyone who intends to get a new console and play some of the holiday season’s AAA onslaught, might wait for the Black Friday. For, as the bundle shows, gamers are likely to get some serious savings during that time.

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