No Man’s Sky Release Rumor Mill Stopped by Dev Ahead of Paris Game Week

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Over the last week the rumors surrounding the release date of what could easily be the most hyped up game of the decade picked up speed. Both PC and PS4 players wants to get their hands on No Man's Sky – the ambitious procedural game by indie studio Hello Games.

However, despite the best efforts of journalists and fans, lead dev Sean Murray still refuses to divulge any information about a release date and keeps sprinkling his media appearances with “soon” and “it's a secret” instead of any specifics.

The lack of any hard information lead to people going full-on tinfoil-hat and concocting wild theories and speculation about how the game would be released with no early warning on October 27, at Sony's briefing at the Paris Game Week convention, starting in just a few hours.

Sean Murray was kind enough to put up a very specific rebuttal on Twitter two days ago, saying “I heard that rumour that NMS is stealth releasing on Oct 27th. It is false.”

Adding to this the fact that Murray confirmed he would not be present at the PGW event and the team was still “hard at work” on the game, the chances of No Man's Sky being released in 2015 seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer.

There is one more shot to get more information on the game and that is Sony's PlayStation Experience taking place on Dec 5-6 in California. If Hello Games come up with another “soon” and give no release date for the game, the frustration that is already creeping up in the game's 28 thousand strong Reddit community will likely escalate further.

Sony would no doubt love to have the game out before the Christmas buying frenzy begins but Sony is not publishing the game so they cannot do any arm-twisting and have the developer deliver before the holiday season.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, the two years of anticipation since No Man's Sky was first revealed at VGX 2013 will be worth it.

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