Activision Blizzard Drops $5.9 Billion to Acquire Candy Crush Saga Maker

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As far as grandiose video game industry acquisitions go, Mojang's Minecraft was top dog, landing its creators a whopping $2.5 billion from Microsoft. This sum was dwarfed by the acquisition deal Activision Blizzard just announced.

Bobby Kotick's company informed the world it signed an agreement to acquire King Digital Entertainment PLC, the London-based company that made millions of people who never played a game before tap away at their mobile devices, matching delicious candy.

King is the maker of Candy Crush Saga – the mobile game craze that swept the world and last netted the company $568 million in annual profit on $1.9 billion in annual revenues. The pricey acquisition will allow Activision to extend its reach to a massive installed userbase on mobile, where they have relatively low penetration, only through the mobile version of their Hearthstone game.

One very reasonable question is whether or not the popularity of King's Candy Crush can endure long enough for the $6.9 billion investment to be profitable for Activision.

There is also a very obvious joke somewhere in there, about a game called Call of Duty: Candy Ops or perhaps Call of Duty: Candy Warfare, but the world is simply not ready for the fusion of candy-matching antics and futuristic combat vidal viagra.

Activision's latest installment in the long-running Call of Duty series releases about a month from now, with a surprise announcement yesterday that the PC version will get mapping and modding tools in 2016. Hopefully, this can breathe new life in the jaded, confused slog that the series has become over the last couple of titles.

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