Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Makes Half a Billion in Three Days, Gets PC Patch

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The annual release schedule of Activision's Call of Duty franchise means that whether you like it or not, you will be hearing an awful lot about Black Ops 3 over the next few weeks. The number one game franchise in the US launched nearly two weeks ago and already made a hilarious, yet predictable pile of cash for Activision.Movie Passengers (2016)

According to the company's own reports, Black Ops 3 generated $500,000,000 in sales over its launch weekend, spanning Friday to Sunday. A curious fact highlighted by VG247 is that those sales were not copies shipped to retailers but actual sales to end customers.

2015 marks a return to form for Call of Duty, with Black Ops 3 selling more than the previous two installments in the franchise. 2013's Ghosts was almost universally disliked, reaffirming a growing belief that Infinity Ward simply cannot make a solid Call of Duty without its former leads West and Zampella who left to found Respawn Entertainment and make Titanfall. Last year's Advanced Warfare scored a little better in reviews but was made primarily by Sledgehammer Games and was their first full-grown effort in the series.

Black Ops 3 is made by Treyarch, who have been involved on and off with the franchise since 2006, producing one of the most beloved WW2-era Call of Duty games. The game is receiving favorable reviews so far, perhaps deservedly so. It's no secret that players buy Call of Duty for the multiplayer component and Treyarch did a lot of things right in that department.

The game also received its first patch on PC, just a week after launch, introducing significant performance improvements and fixes for the major issues a lot of PC users were experiencing. It also seems for the first time in quite a while lag compensation, the universal bane of Call of Duty games, has been reined in and reduced to much saner values.

The game's season pass is expected to bring remakes of old multiplayer maps from Treyarch's previous titles as well as new zombie mode maps. The release of DLC packs will be staggered across 2016, with Playstation users receiving the content a month early.

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