Killing Floor 2 Adds Microtransactions Amid Player Outcry

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Yesterday Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind six-player cooperative shooter Killing Floor 2 announced they will be launching paid cosmetic microtransactions in the game's next update. About 12 hours later the game's top rated Steam user reviews have been filled to the brim with hundreds of angry entries.

Killing Floor 2 is an early access title, which means it's still quite a long way away from its final release. The game went up for sale in late April 2015 and since then received only a handful of new maps and two new perks or player classes. The developer still has to deliver four new player perks and an unknown number of new maps, as well as one new boss before the game comes out of early access. The initial announcement was that the game is scheduled for final release within 2015. With four missing perks, and only one of them nearing completion in a looming new content patch, this is obviously not possible.

The microtransactions will be part of the same update, with the new feature called the Zed-Conomy. The game is largely lifting Valve's Counter Strike: Global Offensive drop system wholesale, with cosmetics and locked crates dropping at random at the end of rounds. The locked items will need keys to pop open but keys will only be purchasable with very real money from the Steam market and the ingame shop.

The fact that Tripwire decided to add this while the game is still deep in early access and the fact that transactions are set up as a gambling system and players cannot simply buy the items they want angered rather a lot of people, with literally hundreds of new reviews slamming the game's new direction.

Tripwire is betting on the “cosmetics only” card and highlighting that there will be no gameplay-altering items, trying to dodge the bullet that Payday 2 developer Overkill bit hard when adding what were essentially “pay to win” items to Payday. However, Tripwire also implies that there will later on be regular paid DLC packs that will feature new weapons. This essentially makes Killing Floor 2 a game with a $27 price tag, which will have both regular paid DLC as well as microtransactions.

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