Just Cause 3 Launches Worldwide to Mixed Reviews

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The global rollout of Avalanche Studios' new Just Cause game has now finished. The reviews are pouring in and to the disappointment of many, the critics' response is a mixed bag.

The game is obviously suffering from a number of technical issues on launch day. The most notable ones include performance problems on PC hardware that is above the recommended requirements, online functionality that appears to affect framerates and a generally poor performance on consoles.

Surprisingly, the Metacritic score of the PC version is the lowest of the three versions, with just a 76 out of 100. The Xbox One version with its dips to under 20 frames per second somehow snatched a 77 and the Playstation 4 version currently holds a score of 82.

Performance on PC seems to be impacted by the game's constant attempts to reconnect to its online leaderboards service. Vertical sync causes frame drops too, according to player reports. There are a large number of screenshots showing swathes of land missing textures and showing blank polygons, but the newest AMD video driver supposedly fixes that AMD-specific issue.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

It's hard to imagine that the PC port was made by the same people who did the wonderfully well optimized Mad Max game but the facts are the facts – the game currently has a Mixed user review status on Steam, with a 60-40 split on positive vs negative reviews. The vast majority of negative reviews list serious performance issues. Considering the game went gold on Oct 22, it's a mystery why those issues were not fixed.

Many critics, including PC Gamer, have given the game a rather low score despite admitting the core concept is entertaining enough, taking issue with the game's unlock system and progression gated behind what is described as grindy, repetitive challenges and “impressively lousy” story missions.

At the end of the day, it seems the experience boils down to a repetitive but generally entertaining romp through an open world with some structuring and pacing issues, but that's not much different from Just Cause 2 – a game dearly loved by many.

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