Otherside Entertainment Reveals System Shock 3

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Yesterday evening indie studio Otherside Entertainment put up a teaser link, showing a countdown clock and a cryptic black page with just the letter S. A few hours later the teaser page was changed to show a second letter S. By the small hours of today, a gamer had already managed to dig up the secret the studio was teasing – System Shock 3.

The full reveal contains the game's name in a stylized futuristic font as well as a link to subscribe to a mailing list of sorts, for news concerning the game. Obviously, before the clock runs out, nothing is really known for the new title except that it's happening and Otherside will be making it.

Otherside Entertainment is a company founded by Looking Glass Studios founder Paul Neurath. Otherside exists due to the fact that they are rebooting Looking Glass's big success – Ultima Underworld, and conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign for the new game called Underworld Ascendant.

With the whole relatively small team working full-pistons on the Kickstarter project, it's not clear how System Shock 3 development will go and if the new project will have its own crowdfunding campaign launched once the countdown clock on the teaser page runs down.

At the very least, with no big publisher name behind the project and with some core System Shock 1 and 2 talent behind the new project, including iconic Shodan voice Terri Brosius, fans should be able to sleep at night, without fear of microtransactions, episodic releases, a console-friendly interface or spoon-fed DLC packs in the final game.

In a perfect world, Otherside may even manage to snag Eric Brosius to do the audio. One can dream, after all!

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