Witcher 3 Crushes Competition in 2015 GOTY Awards Tally

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After a year of non-stop praise and rave reviews pouring in from all directions, The Witcher 3 finally received its full tally of game of the year awards. The number is an impressive 175 GOTY awards, aggregated from over 200 critics and player choice votes.

The Witcher left its closest competitor miles behind, earning four times as many distinctions as Bethesda's Fallout 4. This sort of outcome is not exactly surprising, given how many things Witcher 3 did right and how lazy and hamfisted Fallout 4 was in many areas.

Runners up with 23 and 20 GOTY awards respectively are Kojima's final Metal Gear Solid game and FromSoft's PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. Witcher 3 on the other hand got 175 GOTY awards. The number massive but this is not the first time a game steamrolled all competition at the end of the year.

In 2011 Bethesda's Skyrim snagged over 200 GOTY awards and in 2013 The Last of Us got 231 despite being a Playstation exclusive.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Polish studio CD Projekt Red still have one big ace up their sleeve for 2016, when the second, much bigger Witcher 3 expansion comes out. The studio's lead said that the company intends to stay focused on promoting the Witcher title throughout the new year even though the majority of the creative team at CDPR is working on the studio's next title – Cyberpunk 2077.

Credit for this article's header image goes to great Polish artist Szymon Radomski.

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