Jonathan Blow’s The Witness priced at $40

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After seven years in development the new game of indie dev extraordinaire Jonathan Blow is ready to hit digital stores in less than a week. It was just revealed that Blow's new project titled The Witness will have a price tag of $40.

Mr. Blow, who famously created time-warping action puzzler Braid and made millions from it, announced the team finished building the last piece of “content” for the game, which releases on Jan 26 on PC and Playstation 4. The game can be preordered on PC and will be purchaseable on launch day on console.

The $40 price tag seems to have blindsided quite a few people, especially considering The Witness is a downloadable title that will not have a physical retail release. The information provided by the developer does little to instill a lot of confidence in the playability and quality of the finished product. What is known so far is that the developer opted for a sort of a unified puzzle design, where quite literally every puzzle in the game is solved through tracing a line through a puzzle grid on different panels with different patterns and details on them.

The clues needed to figure out the exact path to draw are allegedly contained in the environment and possibly the audio of the game but the gameplay footage shown so far shows panel layouts that can easily be figured out without any exploration needed and without any real difficulty. With the lack of any detailed info on how the more complex puzzles work and with the rather limited ways you can trace the line through each panel's lattice, it's not too clear what will stop players from brute-forcing their way through the game through trial and error and how the 650 puzzle panels the game contains will remain interesting throughout.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

For a game that soaked up virtually all of Blow's millions made from Braid and a development time of seven long years, there seems to be too much on the line for The Witness to be anything short of fantastic but it might be safe to wait for reviews first.

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