Campo Santo’s debut game, Firewatch, releases to positive reviews

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Just a few hours ahead of its worldwide launch Firewatch is already garnering quite a bit of praise from various critics. With the review embargo lifted, articles are pouring in and it seems the general consensus is that Firewatch is indeed lovely.

The game is the debut project of 10-man studio Campo Santo and falls within the broader scope of the so-called “walking simulator” genre, with what some reviewers called “real gameplay” and “real plot”. The game's store page describes it as a “mystery” set in the widlerness of a national park in Wyoming. The narrative-driven story is riddled with choices, some of which might change the way the plot unfurls and the gameplay itself is driven through dialogue over a handlehd radio.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There are obviously some concerns about the framerate on the game's Playstation 4 version, which is weird considering the toned down, pensive and relatlively low-poly style of the visuals. Other reviewers call Firewatch a “four-hour adventure”, which is definitely something to keep in mind, despite the low $20 price tag. The developers estimated that a single playthrough focused only on the story and not on exploration would take around six hours and slicing that down by a third may leave some people with a bad taste in their mouth, no matter how deftly the story is told.

Despite any technical worries and potential shortness of the actual gameplay, there's a lot to be said about the gorgeous art direction of the game and the immense screenshot potential it offers for those who enjoy taking in the sights. Additionally, Campo Santo have included the opportunity to have pictures taken with the ingame camera sent to them to be developed on paper, then mailed back in a very real paper envelope to the player who originally took them.

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