Dark Souls 3 Season Pass Up for Preorder

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Hype is a strange and wonderful thing. If hype is your cup of tea as well, you can now take a leap in the dark and preorder not just Dark Souls 3 but its full-blown season pass as well, on both Xbox One and PC.

The expansion comes with a price tag of $24.99 and will contain what “2 epic DLC packs”. The store page promises “new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armor sets”. This is exactly what one would expect from a piece of Dark Souls DLC and is not terribly descriptive. Players will also remember that with Dark Souls 2, the season pass gave you not two but three DLC packs, each a reasonably expansive area, containing all the things described above, for the same $24.99 price. How expansive the two new DLC areas are and whether they can justify the pricetag will probably become clear at a much later date.

It was recently confirmed that the original Dark Souls game will be backwards compatible on Xbox One and will also be included for free in every digital preorder of the latest installment on Xbox One. Those playing on PC are instead getting another most exciting incentive to preorder – the Dark Souls 3 soundtrack as a digital download.

Dark Souls 3 has locked two of Steam's top 10 bestseller spots, with both its regular and deluxe edition that includes the season pass. Steam users that own any previous Souls game on the platform receive an 8% discount from the price of the new base game.

The game is just under two months away from its worldwide launch on all three platforms.

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