Doom gets Vulkan patch, big performance boost

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After a two-month wait, the promised Vulkan patch for id Software's new Doom game is finally here. The wait seems to have been worth it, according to virtually every piece of feedback.

The game got a new option in its settings menu where you will first need to toggle from OpenGL to Vulkan's API. Then it's time to start blasting those demons and bask in the glorious new performance boost. Unless you're on an NVidia GTX 1070 that is.

A writer for Guru3D tested the game using one of AMD's new RX 480 cards and a GTX 1070. While the AMD card went from an average 94 fps to a whopping 116 when rendering at 1080p, the GTX gained quite literally zero FPS. Granted, it was already pushing 150 frames per second even with OpenGL, which is justifiable given what's on its PCB.

It seems the performance boost is much more palpable on lower-end GPUs, especially AMD ones. Reddit posters have already published screenshots showing the game getting a 100+% framerate boost and going from around 50 to around 110 fps, while running the game on an AMD R9 280X. This sounds quite insane, given what we have become accustomed to in terms of performance patches.

It's a brave new world for PC gaming once again, when it comes to the possibilities for detail, optimization and performance for future releases. The massive performance update should also serve as a bit of a hint for GPU makers to dial back their prices a little. Quite frankly, if a 3-year-old GPU can churn out over 100 frames per second when running one of the latest games at max detail in full HD, dropping another $350 for a new GPU is quite hard to justify.

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