Videos: Forge Alpha Gameplay

Forge Alpha Gameplay


FORGE, the upcoming PC-only multiplayer game that plays like a fast-action third-person shooter but with the strategic combat elements of great MMO PvP. In addition – DVG is kicking-off their “Kick-Finish” campaign TODAY, a Kickstarter program that will allow fans to pre-order the game and help get the game completed on-time and free from the influence of outside investors. It’s a Kick-Finish because FORGE is already well into development and nearing a closed BETA. It will come out one way or another. ** One awesome note – some of the Pledge levels for this game will award ASTRO Gaming gear, including a Scout Backpack, A*Star Earbuds, and FORGE-branded A40s! This is a great way to get a great game with lots of perks plus the best Gaming Audio Gear on the market!
Date Aug 02, 2012 15:32
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